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"The dough makes the pizza... 

Lamonica's makes the dough"®

It starts with the dough...

Our Company’s focus is to make pizza dough only, the best in the market.

A dough ball resting.

Why choose
Lamonica's Pizza Dough?

Lamonica’s only uses

100% natural ingredients.

Lamonica’s takes added 
safety steps, including
X-Raying every dough ball.

Continual HACCP at all

plants lends to the safety

of all Lamonica’s products.

You are assured a consistent quality product year-round. 
Food Safety and Quality.

A truck at one of Lamonica's distributor centers.

US Distributors

Lamonica's Pizza Dough is now more than 30 states in US. 

Take a video tour of Lamonica's Pizza Dough factory with

John Lamonica.

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Yes! We supply 


delicious pizza dough.

"Great chew, easy to work with, and perfect proportion"

Jay in NYC


Our family has been in the Pizza Business on the East Coast since 1954 and has been making Frozen Pizza Dough since 1962.


In 1991 Lamonica’s Pizza Dough International, Inc. was born and began producing Frozen Pizza dough in Los Angeles. We now have five state-of-the-art Frozen Dough Facilities. We have always been committed to making a dough ball that tastes like it was made “last night” in the Pizza Kitchen.

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Hear it from the guys at
Good Mythical Morning 


Do you want to offer appetizers without adding a lot of ingredients to your storage?  Use your pizza dough to create some of these easy and clever starters.

Dough Gnocchi


Homemade Stromboli

Main Courses

Mini Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls


"The dough makes the pizza... 

Lamonica's makes the dough"®

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