"The dough makes the pizza... Lamonica's makes the dough"®


Our family has been in the Pizza Business on the East Coast since 1954 and has been making Frozen Pizza Dough since 1962.


In 1991 Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co. was born and began producing Frozen Pizza dough in Los Angeles. We now have five state of the art Frozen Dough Facilities. We have always been committed to making a dough ball that tastes like it was made “last night” in the Pizza Kitchen.

Experienced HACCP trained bakers produce all dough balls and pizza skins using the best ingredients. Our bakers both in N.Y. and L.A. with over 150 years of combined industrial pizza production experience will assure you a consistent quality product all year round. Additionally, the quality, consistency and safety of our products are insured by our experience and added step of X‐RAYING each and every dough ball and pizza skin.


Today, Lamonica’s Pizza Dough Co. Inc. manufactures more than 100 million pounds per year of frozen pizza dough, fresh frozen pizza crusts, frozen par baked pizza crusts, out of two facilities in Vernon, CA;  one facility in Sacramento, CA;  one facility in Brooklyn, NY and one facility in Italy. We only use 100% natural ingredients.


Our Company’s focus is to make pizza dough only, the best in the market. Our strengths are the “all‐natural ingredients” approach, competitive pricing, the consistency of our quality, and the company reliability.


• Lamonica’s has been making frozen dough balls since 1962.


• 5 State of the art facilities


• We only make pizza dough, that is our focus giving us consistency of our quality.


• Our Bakers have over 150 years combined experience in pizza dough production


• Continual HACCP at all plants lend to safety of all Lamonica’s products


• Lamonica’s takes added safety steps including X-Raying each and every dough ball.


• Lamonica’s only use 100% natural ingredients.


• You are assured a consistent quality product year round - Food Safety and Quality


• Other uses beside pizza include: Calzone, Stromboli, Bread, Garlic Knots.

With Lamonica’s strength in the “All-Natural Ingredient” approach has enabling Lamonica’s the consistency and quality to be a leader in the Frozen dough market.





  • Versatility
  • Time and Labor Saving
  • Cost-Effective
  • 9 Month Shelf  Life Frozen
  • Only Natural Ingredients



  • Quick And Easy
  • Saves Time
  • Top And Bake
  • Convenience of Stretched and Shaped Dough
  • 6 Month Shelf Life Frozen
  • Only Natural Ingredients



  • Quick Cooking Bakes in Minutes
  • Freezer to Oven
  • Holds Well for Self Serve/Convenience Store Applications
  • Save Time
  • 6 Month Shelf Life Frozen
  • Only Natural Ingredients


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Short on space, but still want to offer dessert for your customers?  Use your pizza dough to create these irresistible sweets.


Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co.

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Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co.

4559 S. Maywood Ave.

Vernon CA 90058

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Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co.

3514 La GraNde

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Lamonica's Pizza Dough Europe S.R.L.

Via Cavallotto, 6/3

12060 Roddi (CN) Italy

+39 0173 063376

Lamonica's Pizza Dough Co.

123 53 RD st.

Brooklyn  NY 11232

(718) 567-2380

 Telephone No. (323) 263-0644  Office Address 3706 E. 26th Street Vernon CA 90023  Email info@lamonicaspizza.com

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"The dough makes the pizza... Lamonica's makes the dough"